A promise is a promise!

Dear friends,


Can you believe that Jacinthe – the same Jacinthe that many of you have known for years as the-really-Francophone-Jacinthe-who-can’t-articulate-two-English-words-in-a-row – is about to publish a blog post written only in English?!    I honestly have a hard time believing it. 😉   But it feels good to be able to write this post in another language than French.


Anyways, enough rambling for now!   And on to our main topic for the night.


Today was not as hot and humid as the past few weeks have been.   When I got ready this morning I didn’t quite realize it, but my outfit definitely would have worked better with last Friday’s weather than today’s!   Hmm, maybe not my t-shirt after all… but the skirt, yes!   I spent some time outside tonight, and let me tell you – it was chilly!   I spent most of the day in the office though, so the whole thing turned out to be just fine for today.


July 26, 2011


T-shirt: Smart Set

Skirt: I can’t remember!

Sandals: Borrowed from Maman

Earrings: Gift from Papa and Maman

Watch: Walmart


I wore this outfit to work, and later in the evening to run errands with Maman and Zé.   I changed shoes to run errands faster, though. 😀


2 Comments to “A promise is a promise!”

  1. congrats on the English post! you did great! love your stripey shirt too:)

  2. Thank you so much Meredith!! Means a lot to me. 🙂

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